Who Uses A Linux OS For Their Small Business, And Which Distro[s]?

For me, I am currently using Linux Mint, 17.2. Overall, I have been very happy with it. I dual-boot into Windows, mainly when I’m doing some contract work, and the clients use something that just doesn’t have an easy Linux work around. In the past, I tried using a Virtual Machine, but for video editing, it’s just too intense for a VM to use, so do this in Windows.

When I tried Zorin a while back, and I hated it. I had too many problems with it. I had tried a version of Ubuntu, but I wasn’t happy with it. There was a time to consider a few other distros that were supposed to be good for multimedia users, but never had the time. I also tried some of the Tiny versions of Linux, and while they’re interesting, I just couldn’t see myself using them on a regular basis.

I’ve had some fun, experimenting with TAILS. I have an old version, 1.3. I also have a newer 2.7 that I’ve played around with. However, when I tried to create persistent drives, I’ve had no luck. Also, after a few uses, the OS seems to be corrupt. So, I haven’t been using it much, lately. I may wait, before trying it some more, as I didn’t really like Clawmail client in 1.3, but found IceDove better suited to what I wanted.

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